December 2019 Engagement

University of Helsinki Confucius Institute Hosts Seminar on China-Africa Engagement

On December 2, the University of Helsinki Confucius institute hosted a seminar on Chinese engagement in Africa. The presenters were Christopher Chagnon, PhD researcher at UH Development Studies, and Destiny Chen, PhD researcher at UNU WIDER and SOAS. Christopher presented about the history of Chinese engagement with Africa and his research topic looking at Chinese investment policy in Africa. Destiny presented her research on the Eastern Industrial Park SEZ in Ethiopia. The commenters were Prof Julie Chen, director of the Confucius Institute, and Prof Franklin Obeng-Odoom, University of Helsinki Development Studies Associate Professor and President of the FSDR. Special thanks to the Confucius Institute and photographer Carla Pekander for the photos.

Christopher Chagnon giving his presentation.

Destiny Chen giving her presentation.

From left to right: Mariasole Pepa (visiting PhD researcher from University of Padova), Destiny Chen (PhD researcher, UNU WIDER/SOAS), Prof. Nikolay Samoylov (Director, Centre for Chinese Studies; Head, Department of Theory of Asian and African Social Development, St. Petersburg State University), Prof. Julie Chen (Director, University of Helsinki Confucius Institute), Christopher Chagnon (PhD researcher, University of Helsinki Development Studies), Prof. Franklin Obeng-Odoom (Associate Professor, University of Helsinki Development Studies).