Autumn seminar 2022: Human Rights and Development – present and future

Save the date! FSDR will organise an Autumn seminar on 1 December 2022 with experts with background in Development Studies. More information will follow soon!

About the event:

In the recent years, the belief in universal progress towards liberal democracy and human rights has been shaken. Authoritarian leaders and ideologies rejecting equality of all human beings are on the rise in many contexts. Civil societies are repressed. Armed conflicts are taking place. What is the current position of human rights in global development? What are the trends concerning development policy? What does this look like from the perspectives of human rights organizations? What does the future look like?

We will discuss the current position of human rights within debates on global development with three experts with development studies researcher background (tbc.): Kaari Mattila (Ihmisoikeusliitto/The Finnish League for Human Rights), Minna Hakkarainen and Marikki Karhu (both Ministry of Foreign Affairs). 

The panel discussion will be followed by moderated Q&A from the audience and informal get-together (venue tba.)

More information will follow soon!