Alla oleva lista ei ole kattava, lähettäkää meille tietoa kehitystutkimuksen alaan kuuluvista väitöskirjoista – kiitos!

Maylin Meincke
(2016) Public Health, Science and the Economy – The onto-politics of traditional medicine in Namibia (read) University of Helsinki.

Henri Onodera
(2015) Being a young activist in the late Mubarak era: An ethnography of political engagement in Egypt (read) University of Helsinki.

Lalli Metsola
(2015) Reintegration as recognition: Ex-combatant and veteran politics in Namibia (read) University of Helsinki.

Wolfgang Zeller
(2015) What makes borders real: In the Namibia-Zambia and Uganda-South Sudan borderlands (read) University of Helsinki.

Eija Ranta
(2014) In the name of Vivir Bien: Indigeneity, state formation and politics in Evo Morales’ Bolivia (read) University of Helsinki.

Erja Hänninen
(2014) Legitimating aid: Donors and policy making in the rural water supply and sanitation sector in Nepal (read) University of Helsinki.

Joni Valkila
(2014) Fair trade coffee in Nicaragua: Impacts of certified production on cooperatives, farmers, and laborers (read) University of Helsinki.

Päivi Pirkkalainen
(2013) Transnational responsibilities and multi-sited strategies: Voluntary associations of Somali diaspora in Finland (read) University of Jyväskylä.

Marikki Stocchetti
(2013) Inside the European Concensus on Development and Trade: Analysing the EU’s normative power and policy coherence for development in global governance (read) University of Helsinki.

Gutu Olana Wayessa
(2013) Displacement and resettlement: The livelihoods of settlers and hosts in Western Oromia, Ethiopia (read) University of Helsinki.

Johanna Hietalahti
(2013) Trade-offs, rights and responsibilities in the business of microcredit: A case study from South Africa (read) University of Helsinki.

Anne Rosenlew
(2012) Trajectories of three women’s groups in urbanizing Senegal: Observing social capital and livelihoods in Rufisque (read) University of Helsinki.

Nora Fagerholm
(2012) Community inhabitants’ values and benefits in dynamic tropical forest landscapes: Participation and spatial analysis in landscape knowledge integration (read) University of Turku.

Sofia Laine
(2012) Young actors in transnational agoras: Multi-sited ethnography of cosmopolitan micropolitical orientations (read) University of Helsinki.

Toni Haapanen
(2011) Rural food system change in Tanzania during the post-Ujamaa era. A case study from Western Bagamoyo district (read) University of Turku.

Ali Qadir
(2011) Tangential modernity: Culture of higher education reform in Pakistan (read) University of Tampere.

Nina Himberg
(2011) Traditionally protected forests’ role within transforming natural resource management regimes in Taita Hills, Kenya (read) University of Helsinki.

Julia Jänis
(2011) The Tourism-Development Nexus in Namibia: A study on national tourism policy and local tourism enterprises’ policy knowledge (read) University of Helsinki.

Päivi Mattila
(2011) Domestic labour relations in India: Vulnerability and gendered life courses in Jaipur  (read) University of Helsinki.

Heini Vihemäki
(2009) Participation or further exclusion? : Contestations over forest conservation and control in the East Usambara Mountains, Tanzania (read) University of Helsinki.

Shiyong Wang
(2009) Tibetan market participation in China (read) University of Helsinki.

Khondker Aktaruzzaman
(2009) Essays on microcredit in rural Bangladesh (read) University of Helsinki.