Master’s workshop

Thesis workshop for Master’s students

Date & Time: Thursday 11 February 2021, 2021, 9-15h (EET)
Location:  Zoom (Note: the event has been fully relocated to an online environment.)

The Finnish Society for Development Research (FSDR) warmly welcomes graduate students to a Master’s thesis workshop organised as part of the Development Day 2021. This year, the workshop consists of two separate modules from which the participants can register in one: WS 1 is directed for those in the very beginning stages of their master’s thesis, and WS 2 is for students who have proceeded further. The workshops are not organised around a specific theme, and therefore, the students’ research interests can cover a variety of topics and questions.

In Workshop 1 (at 9-12), participation with a low threshold is encouraged, and one can attend without a readily decided topic.The workshop participants will have a chance to share and develop their ideas for their Master’s thesis through individual, group and joint exercises and discussions.

In Workshop 2 (at 12-15), the students will have a chance to discuss and focus on the analysis process, ways of thinking with theory, and writing up the research findings. Students participating in this workshop should already have/be familiar with their research material. However, the stages of the writing process may vary – students in different stages are welcome!

Additionally, in both modules, the students can participate either as presenters, in which case they will present and receive feedback of their thesis project, or as non-presenters, in which case they are not required to submit any material before the workshop, but will comment on other students’ work and participate in the workshop activities. The number of presenters is limited and they are asked to submit short texts (e.g. research plan; thesis outline; excerpt from thesis) by 3 February.

The workshops are facilitated by Henni Alava (Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Jyväskylä), Katriina Huttunen (PhD Candidate, University of Helsinki) and Ayonghe Akonwi (PhD Candidate, University of Lapland). The workshop organizing committee includes Ayonghe Akonwi, Anna Heikkinen, Katriina Huttunen, Eeva Mäkinen, Tiina Seppälä and Meeri Tiensuu.

Please sign up by sending an email to by 15 January 2021. In the email, 1) shortly present yourself (university, programme), 2) explain briefly the stage of your Master’s thesis process and 3) indicate which module you wish to participate in. The number of participants is limited – ensure your participation by signing up early!

If you have any questions, please contact

We are looking forward to seeing you in February!