Welcome to discuss! 

The Development Days is known for offering a platform for scholarly presentations and vivid discussions on topical issues. Please confirm your attendance by registering in advance. In 2020, the panels include the following:

Panel 1. Disabilities: Embodied Inequalities
Panel 2. Contesting Racism, Decolonizing Media: Anti-Racism Media Activism Across the North-South Divide
Panel 3. Unearthing Extractivism
Panel 4. Beyond the Growth Narrative: Inequality, Sustainability and the Politics of Poverty Management in the Global South
Panel 5. Land Grabbing in Latin America: Dynamics of Conflict and Large Scale Acquisitions
Panel 6. Financialisation and Inequalities: Housing in the Global South
Panel 7. Questioning the Fiscal Inequality as an Obstacle to Social Cohesion: Cases from North Africa
Panel 8. Inequalities, Civil Society and Citizenship: Intersectionality and Complexity
Panel 9. ‘I Sing the Body Eclectic’ – Visions of Intersectional Futures for Universalism in Human Rights Theory and Practice
Panel 10. Development, Education and Inequality
Panel 11. How We Could Foster Locally Responsive and Collaborative Natural Resources Governance?
Panel 12. Quilting Experiences, Affects, and Knowledge: Collaborative and Co-production of Research/Knowledge
Panel 13. Decolonising Participatory Research through Arts-Based Methods?
Panel 14. Bioeconomy, Justice and Development Cooperation
Panel 15. UNU-WIDER’s Special Panel on Inequalities – Measurement, Implications, and Influencing Change