12: Quilting Experiences, Affects, and Knowledge: Collaborative and Co-production of Research/Knowledge

This panel aims to bring together scholars, artists and activists who engage themselves in collaborative forms of research and/or knowledge production as responses to experiences of inequality, provide safe spaces for recovering from them, and/or solve them. The aim is to de-center Eurocentric forms of knowledge practices and neoliberal university’s praxis of ranking publications and reward careers. The way of working in this panel is inspired by practice of quilting, in which varying materials, such as recycled clothes and fabrics, colourful threads, and fillings are brought together to form blankets that form essential wealth in many indigenous communities, each one of the quilts being a unique result of the labouring and creativity of its maker. Quilting is learned through matrilineal knowledge transfers of everyday skills. Brown (1989) has described the Afro-American quilting practice as a process in which the results are not compared against other quilts, but rather appreciated and acknowledged by their own standards. We will bring along with us a quilt prepared in Kutch district in Gujarat, India and introduce the idea of quilting as a method of working together at this conference. We will use the time slotted in the conference as ‘panels’ creatively, yet respecting diversity and making space for non-dominant representations in development research. Contributions (we encourage non-textual forms) can address questions such as: Contextualised collaborative processes and ways of working; negotiating languages, privileges, and power hierarchies; patterns of working and negotiating archives and use of the knowledge; examples of turning power hierarchies and authorship upside down; ethics of involvement; labouring, recognition, and integrity; potential conflicts and failures of such processes. Please send your idea of contribution in a form of a short text (max 200 words) to both panel chairs. The accepted participants are asked to bring along with them materials that can be quilted into a panel quilt.

Panel chairs

Marjaana Jauhola, University of Helsinki, marjaana.jauhola@helsinki.fi

Shyam Gadhavi, Prakrit foundation for development trust, shyam.gadhavi@gmail.com