2: Contesting Racism, Decolonizing Media: Anti-Racism Media Activism Across the North-South Divide

In this panel, we invite researchers and media practitioners from social groups who suffer from racism to discuss the practical, social, political and cultural challenges and importance of engaging in media practices and genres (e.g. journalism, photography, poetry, filmmaking, radio/podcast, graphic arts, and others) to act directly or indirectly against racism. In today’s established culture of digitalized, hyper-connected and instantaneous global communication, a multitude of media practices against racism have bypassed mainstream media and mushroomed in different countries. For example, Brown Girls (Finland), Black Female Bloggers (Brazil), The Root (US) and Radio AfroLis (Portugal) are a few of the many online platforms that act to overcome material and symbolic inequalities and raise voices to debunk racist ideas national borders. We are especially interested in opening dialogue that contributes to promoting knowledge exchange and collaboration between experiences in the North and in the South. ‘Contesting Racism, Decolonizing media’ especially welcomes presentations by speakers who are racialized as non-white since race adds another layer of complexity to bottom-up efforts against the consequences of inequalities in different societies. This panel is an initiative by the Anti-Racism Media Activist Alliance (ARMA), a three-year activist-researcher collaborative initiative funded by Kone Foundation. ARMA Alliance follows three key principles: knowledge exchange, creative publishing and international networking. Our main objective is to combine academic knowledge and activist experience to develop and promote creative uses of digital media against racism in Finland and elsewhere. We are also interested in turning this proposal into a special issue in a peer-reviewed journal. Abstracts (max. 300 words) should be emailed to both panel chairs.

Chaired by Leonardo Custódio (Åbo Akademi University, ARMA Alliance), leonardo.custodio@abo.fi and Monica Gathuo (University of Tampere, ARMA Alliance), monica.gathuo@gmail.com

Room 309

Arvind Ramachandran

Accessible anti-racism as a collective response to rampant racism

“Good Hair Day” Team

Claiming Afro-Finnishness: The Good Hair Day Movement

Akunna Onwen (University of Helsinki)

Notes on belonging: Ways to creating belonging and form identities among racialized AfroFinns with dual heritages

Amiirah Salleh-Hoddin (University of Helsinki)

At What Cost? – The Politics of Anti-Racism Activism on Social Media