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The Finnish Society for Development Research (FSDR) together with the Finnish University Partnership for International Development, (UniPID), and the Doctoral Programme of Political Societal and Regional Changes (PSRC) University of Helsinki, warmly welcomes all interested participants to join the DocShop to get together and discuss research proposals.


Development Days DocShop 2023:
How to write a good research proposal?

Time: 15th February 2023, at 13-15.30

Venue: Tieteiden talo (Kirkkokatu 6, Helsinki). The exact meeting room will be sent to the participants. Please note that there will be also an option to join the workshop online.

Registration is open from 16.1.-10.2.2023. Register here: https://www.unipid.fi/docnet-forms/devdays23-docshop-registration/

 Objective: What are major factors that make a successful research proposal? How can you strengthen the different sections of your proposal? How does the review processes usually work and what you should understand to increase your chances of getting the funding? During the DocShop 2023, these questions will be discussed and reflected upon. The aim of the workshop is to discuss the elements of a good research proposal together with doctoral researchers and more senior scholars, as well as other interested participants. The workshop provides guidelines and advice to write a strong research proposal and co-share of knowledges.

DocShop 2022 is free to all interested participants, and will last for 2,5 hours. The workshop is chaired by Anja Nygren, Professor of Global Development Studies (University of Helsinki). The Invited Speakers at the DocShop are Swati Parashar, Professor in Peace and Development (Gothenburg University) and Tor A. Benjaminsen, Professor of International Environment and Development Studies (Norwegian University of Life Sciences). DocShop is organized in connection with the annual Development Days conference.

More information on the previous DocShops can be found from the UniPID website.
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For inquiries, please contact Meeri Tiensuu (meeri.tiensuu@helsinki.fi).