Session I: Covid 19-pandemic and development research

Speakers: Yahia Benyamina (PhD Candidate, University of Oran & University of Tampere),  Salla Sariola (Finnish Academy Research Fellow, University of Helsinki) and Tuija Veintie (Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Helsinki).
Marjaana Jauhola (University Lecturer, University of Helsinki)

Yahia Benyamina: Doing a PhD and Scholarship During the Corona Pandemic: Stories from Personal Experience

Salla Sariola: Vaccine nationalism and politics of vaccine deployment in low income countries

Tuija Veintie: Switching from face-to-face to remote research in the Amazonia

The Covid 19-pandemic has implied multiple challenges for the ways in which development research could been conducted. It may have also implied new ways of research collaboration. This session offers an open forum for sharing and discussing these experiences (either individual research or research projects). Welcome!