Thursday the 16th of February

9-14 MA workshop: House of Sciences and letters, room 505. Address:                  Kirkkokatu 6.

9-14 UniPID Docshop: Metsätalo, room 8. Address: Unioninkatu 40.

13-14:30 Conference registration: “U 35”, Ground floor lobby. Address: Unioninkatu 35 (see map).

14:30-17:00 Opening of the conference and keynote by Boris Kagarlitsky: U35, Auditorium 116.

19:30 We have ordered a table at restaurant Vaelsa for the Thursday evening’s dinner (self-financed). Address: Pohjoisesplanadi 9 (see map).

All the venues are located at the very centre of Helsinki.

Friday the 17th of February

On Friday the venue of Development Research Day is the House of Science and Letters (see map), located at the City Centre of Helsinki, Finland. See the specific rooms for the Friday’s events from the programme.

9:30-10 Registration, House of Sciences and letters, entrance hall.

10:00-11:40 Keynote by Susanne Dahlgren: House of Sciences and letters, room 104.

13:00-17:30 Working Groups: House of Sciences and letters.

18:00 Get-together at Restaurant Juttutupa, address: Säästöpankinranta 6 (see map).

Please visit where you can find practical information on how to arrive to Helsinki, on public transport, nearby restaurants and attractions.