1: Contested environments and politics of resource control

Chairs: Mira Käkönen, University of Helsinki (mira.kakonen@helsinki.fi), Liina-Maija Quist, University of Helsinki (liina-maija.quist@helsinki.fi), and Gutu Wayessa, University of Helsinki (gutu.wayessa@helsinki.fi)

Time: Friday 17th of February, 13:00-15:00.
Place: House of Sciences and Letters, room 309.

This working group welcomes contributions to current debates on contested environments and politics around access to and control over natural resources, especially in the Global South. The contributions can be theoretical or empirical, and may relate to contradictions, dispossessions, and struggles that often emerge when lands, forests and rivers etc. are ‘opened up’ for investments, or to the different approaches aiming to govern these processes through regulatory arrangements. Of particular interest relating to the topic of the conference is how the processes of resource appropriation (e.g. in extractive or large-scale agricultural projects) play out in authoritarian contexts as well as how, and with what effects, illiberal and (neo)liberal logics and practices of governing may be combined or merged. We also invite papers that more broadly aim to identify contemporary constellations of power, forms of politics and the ways in which these politics are linked to human-nature relations. We seek to generate discussion on the rationalities, subjectivities, practices and alliances in environmental politics, and on the effects that the different emerging relations of governing have on our socio-natures.


13:00 Co-produced Constellation of Exclusion and Extraction in Cambodia. Mira Käkönen, University of Helsinki.

13:25 ‘Development Pragmatism’ in Contested Environments: Land Grabs, Market Rationale, and State-Society Relations in India and China. Nitika Dhingra, Jawaharlal Nehru University.

13:50 Oil, fishers and contested impacts of a denationalizing industry in the Mexican Gulf. Liina-Maija Quist, University of Helsinki.

14:15 Law as an Instrument of Dispossession and Economic Marginalisation in Ethiopia. Husen Ahmed Tura, University of Eastern Finland.

14:40 The Addis Ababa Master Plan and the #OromoProtests: A Political Ecology of Land Dispossession and Popular Resistance in Ethiopia. Gutu Olana Wayessa, University of Helsinki.