3: From aid to trade: Private authoritarianism in the public development aid policy

Chairs: Maria Ehrnström-Fuentes, Hanken School of Economics (maria.ehrnstrom@hanken.fi), Linda Annala (linda.annala@hanken.fi), Markus Kröger (markus.kroger@helsinki.fi), and Johanna Järvelä (johanna.jarvela@helsinki.fi)

Time: Friday 17th of February, 13:00-15:00.
Place: House of Sciences and Letters, room 401.

The nature of private authoritarianism within new spaces that private logics of aid operations occupy is at the focus of this working group.  With the current economic liberalization programmes, the role of the state is changing, creating a widening space for the logics of markets and private enterprises to occupy spaces that formerly were regulated by the state authority. This similar change from public to private logic is visible in the policy shift from development aid to trade-based mechanisms. While state authority over aid operations to some extent could be held accountable for its actions by the citizens through democratic principles of public will formation and parliamentary elections, the shift towards privatizations raises question about who controls what and with what mandate. Thus, the shift of authority from the public realm to the private has consequences in terms of accountability (towards whom are private aid operators accountable) and transparency (what information can be disclosed when aid is managed by private enterprises).

In this working group, we would like to discuss the nature of private authoritarianism and its relation to the wider implications for aid operations. We seek to bring together research that engages with questions related to the various forms of private authoritarianism in a context where development aid, trade-based solutions, and public-private dichotomies intersect.

We welcome contributions that discuss, but are not restricted to, the following areas of investigation:

-State authority versus private authority
-Control and power in development in the era of changing logics
-Empirical studies that illustrates the shift from public to private or aid to trade
-Role of beneficiaries in public versus private authority and authoritarianism
-When does authority became authoritarianism?

13:00 Finnish Private Sector for Development – are we trying to push with a rope? Annika Launiala and Ulla Roiha, UNICEF Finland, and Greta Steenvorden, Hanken School of Economics.

13:30 The role of the rights holders in the Aid for Trade. Ira Haavisto and Pia Polsa, Hanken School of Economics.

14:00 CSR beyond the rule of law – the state as a corporate stakeholder. Markus Kröger, University of Helsinki, and Maria Ehrnström-Fuentes, Hanken School of Economics.

14:30 Experiences of handicraft trade in India – the case of Tikaushare. Pia Polsa, Hanken School of Economics, and Melea Press, University of Bath.