8: Development Cooperation, Power and Authority

Chair: Eija Maria Ranta, University of Jyväskylä (eija.m.ranta@jyu.fi)

Time: Friday 17th of February, 13:00-17:30.
Place: House of Sciences and Letters, room 404.

Development cooperation is often portrayed as a set of technical, neutral and non-political activities aimed at enhancing economic development and wellbeing of its targets. However, delicate political and economic operations and various forms of power and rule are exercised through the practice of development. In fact, development cooperation may be perceived as a major agent in the production and reproduction of global and local power relations. It has many political and ideological effects seen, for example, in the restructuring of global governance, as well as in the spread of the free market principles of global capitalism. This working groups seeks to explore complex and contested relationships between development cooperation, power and authority. It will examine the following questions, among others:

What kinds of power relations and forms of rule circulate through development cooperation?
How does development cooperation operate and what kinds of effects does it have in authoritarian contexts?
What kinds of effects development cooperation has on power relations between different groups of people in terms of gender, sexuality, class, ethnicity, age?
How does power and authority operate in such contexts where new forms of thinking and praxis have confronted traditional development cooperation and provided critical alternatives?

Session 1

13:00 Introduction, Eija Ranta, University of Jyväskylä.

13:15 Portraying the West in times of crisis. Noora Kotilainen and Pia Mikander, University of Helsinki.

13:45 Building peace and strengthening civil society in Syria: Could development cooperation have a positive role? Outi Hakkarainen, Kepa.

14:15 Spatial justices and development: one point of view to cooperation, power and authority. Jukka Keski-Filppula, University of Oulu.

Session 2

15:30 Gender equality and women’s rights in development (cooperation) policy, case of Finland. Joanna Bunikowska, University of Eastern Finland.

16:00 Developing’ Nepal: The case of Finnish bilateral development cooperation in the water sector of Nepal. Pamela White, FCG International Ltd.

16:30 Power and Authority for SDGs between Europe and Southeast Asia. Ratih Adiputri, University of Jyväskylä.