Paradigms of Development and Sustainability – Locating Politics and Colonial Continuities

Chaired by Dr Marjaana Jauhola (University of Helsinki;, Dr Paola Minoia (University of Helsinki; and Dr Aili Pyhälä (University of Helsinki;

This session invites scholars and students to explore and debate both the limitations of current regimes of development and sustainability and image possibilities for decolonized academic and practitioner praxis. We invite pieces that explore the topic either theoretically, empirically, and through experiential accounts in the form of conventional conference paper, performance or audio-visual material or poster. How does the call for decolonization inform such endeavours? What terminology and language, or research praxis does it push forward? Where are the archives of alternative visions located at?

The session aims at addressing the need of decolonialization in relation to paradigms such as development, or sustainability, and think what it means for both academic research and teaching, but also for any praxis. We encourage participants to look alternatives, and bring along with them such archives of knowledge that challenge the mainstream discourses on development and sustainability.