UniPID Roundtable and Workshop: Infrastructures of research: Towards equitable and responsible north-south collaborations (Roundtable + worshop) (Roseanna Avento et al.)


Roseanna Avento, University of Eastern Finland roseanna.avento@uef.fi
Melissa Plath, UniPID, melissa.plath@helsinki.fi
Johanna Kivimäki, UniPID, johanna.a.kivimaki@helsinki.fi


Roundtable discussion 90 minutes, followed by a collaborative workshop.

Research collaboration between the Global South and Global North is governed by and contributes to practices that create a set of infrastructures of research, which are also characterized by global inequalities. Issues like intellectual property, intellectual freedom, privacy, research funding, authorship, and publishing, form some of the key components for building stronger research infrastructures especially in lower income settings. However, a paradigm shift towards more equitable positions is needed to make these
collaborations more sustainable. In this roundtable discussion, we explore possible principles to guide this transformation process. In our move towards equitable collaborations, how do we recognise the imbalance of research infrastructure, power, opportunities, knowledge, privilege, and income between the collaborators in the north and south? Are we able to address contested terminologies and embeddedness in funding-driven regimes? What is the post-colonial/decolonial approach towards equitable and responsible north-south collaborations?

This roundtable aims to engage students, researchers, and the actors involved in the research infrastructures ecosystem, inviting speakers from relevant organizations, such as universities, funding agencies, ministries, scientific journals, IPR organizations, and/or research integrity bodies.

The goal of the roundtable is to provide input from a range of perspectives, providing a forum for dialogue, opportunities for idea-sharing and building understanding on promotion of equity creation and responsibility in north-south research collaborations. The roundtable will be followed by a workshop to identify the needs of researchers and to facilitate the co-creation of ideas for building more equitable and responsible north-south research collaborations. A summary of the discussion will be used to interface with relevant stakeholders on the changing landscape in north-south research collaborations.


  • Dr. Yoland Davis, Assistant Director, Research Development; University of the Witwatersrand
  • Dr. Karoliina Snell, chair, University of Helsinki Ethical Review Committee in Human Sciences
  • Dr. Laura Rovelli, Coordinator, Latin American Forum for Research Assessment
  • Elizabeth Marincola, Senior Advisor, Science for Africa Foundation