Working group 3: Embodied, feminist and more-than-human perspectives for theory and praxis in conflict, development, and peace



Marjaana Jauhola, Docent, Senior Research Fellow, Tampere Peace Research Institute, Tampere University, 
Tiina Seppälä, Docent, University Lecturer, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Lapland, 


This working group explores the intersection of anti-racist and feminist development, peace and conflict theorising and praxis by paying specific attention to embodied experiences of dystopian everydays of the 2020s – climate change and loss of biodiversity, on-going wars, and silent violence of extractivist economies. 

We ask what concepts, methods, and ways of working are required from feminist inquiry to not lose sight for complex systemic violence, and yet the embodied experiences of the everyday? How can theories and praxis challenge reiteration of colonial, patriarchal and racist logics of imagining otherwise (Olufemi 2021)? How can they simultaneously contest anthropocentrism? 

We invite scholars, students, and activists from different fields to participate in our working group. We welcome contributions in the form of papers but also in non-written and visual forms, or as performances, poems, songs, and so forth.


Seema Arona Johnsson: Seeing the Quiet Politics in Unquiet Woods: A Different Vantage Point for a Future Forest Agenda

Adel Dashel: Yemen: Post-Conflict Transitional Justice from a Social Perspective

Kiran Grewal: Imaginaries, Bodies and Affect in Utopian Politics: Thinking from Sri Lanka

Zahra Edalati, Ebru Sevik, Majid Imani & Cæcilie Svop Jensen: “Who asks for my rights in the street?”: Exploring the nexus between intersectionality and mundane practices in urban space