Working group 4: Reflecting through arts-based collective practices: integration as existential and societal process CANCELLED


Convenors: Ilaria Tucci ( & Meeri Tiensuu (


Homeward is a project that reframes how integration is understood and practiced through a critical and reflective use of co-creative practices. From this collaborative effort, the project acknowledges the diversity of migrant experiences of integration while, at the same time, unpacks the potential and limitations of the use of participatory approaches like co-creation in integration policy. Within the Homeward project, we are organizing around 10 co-creative workshops to work around the topic of immigrant homemaking in Finland as an existential process. Doing so, we intend to engage with contemporary concerns for social inclusion and sustainability in growingly diverse societies.

In this co-creative arts-based workshop, we invite participants to interact with the narratives and stories co-collected and co-produced together with Finnish-based immigrant groups during the first workshops of Homeward project. Moving beyond from seeing migration as a part of wider processes, we want to focus on the individual, interpersonal and communal levels of looking at the process of migration in the Finnish society. Our point of view is, thus, related to the integration practices that people with foreign background and Finnish citizens are already activating in Finland. By engaging with these concepts and their ramifications in people’s experiences and understandings of living together, we intend to explore and make visible the interpersonal, intercultural conflicts existent in our societies. Thus, this exploration will enable us to outline new avenues for planning and implementing integration policies, hence contributing to meaningful research-policy discussions during the Times of Emergency. The goal of the workshop, as well as the Homeward project, is to learn from and co-create knowledge on immigrants’ struggles toward making Finland their home to grasp these processes beyond the current debates on integration. Through art-based methods, the participants will have a chance to reflect on human interaction as an intersection of peace, solidarity and social imagination of belonging and co-existence.

The workshop is open for all interested participants and no previous experience with the topic or the methods is needed. The maximum number of participants is limited to 30. Kindly note the use of the arts-based methods (e.g. drawing, writing, drama) in the session.