Working group 7: Addressing impacts of wars within academic communities


Convenors: Anitta Kynsilehto  ( and Vadim Romashov (, Tampere Peace Research Institute


The ongoing war in Ukraine and the related informational environment has triggered serious feelings of anxiety within higher education institutions. Academic institutions have adjusted to policy responses nationally and internationally as well as created their own responses that bear on the possibilities of conducting research. Moreover, members of academic communities react to the proximity of this war and its diverse ramifications beyond the actual site of the war in various ways. The varied reactions in some cases have undermined and in others helped to preserve the coherence of multiple communities within universities.

This workshop seeks to identify wide-ranging effects of wars and conflicts on academic communities, analyzing the reactions of their members to these effects, evaluating the measures undertaken by different universities, and mapping out the best practices and approaches to deal with war-related anxieties within academic communities. We intend to bring together global development scholars, peace researchers and practitioners to reflect on these themes as regards and beyond the war in Ukraine. The purpose is to plan on concrete joint actions for academic and civil society communities to undertake to substantially support those directly affected by wars and violence, and mediate potential tensions between diversely positioned individuals and groups within and beyond university communities.

The workshop is intended for open discussion and hands-on planning among participants. Expressions of interest for participation should be sent to the conveners by 27.11.2022.