Pre-Conference Workshops

On Wednesday the 14th February 2018, (the day before the conference), a series of workshops will be offered for Masters and PhD students.

Master’s workshop chaired by Barry Gills and Paola Minoia. On Wednesday 14th February, from 9-12, Master’s students have an opportunity to present their research and obtain feedback from senior scholars in a workshop setting. The theme of the Master’s workshop is open. Abstracts of maximum 250 words (in English) for the Master’s workshop should be sent directly to Paola Minoia (paola.minoia[at] by 12 January 2018. Master’s students are also strongly encouraged to participate in conference Plenary sessions and Working Group sessions. Acceptance of abstracts for the Master’s workshop will be informed by 18 January 2018. Full papers of maximum 5,000 words should be sent to paola.minoia [at] by 5 February 2018.

Workshop for Doctoral Students in Development Studies by Johanna Kivimäki (University of Jyväskylä), Prof Anja Nygren (University of Helsinki) and Dr Aili Pyhälä (University of Helsinki), with Prof Jesse Ribot (University of Illinois). Please find more information on this workshop here.

Joint Indigenous Studies and Development Studies Workshop by Assistant Prof Pirjo Virtanen (University of Helsinki) and Dr Aili Pyhälä (University of Helsinki), with Prof Sian Sullivan (Bath Spa University). NB. Different location: SSKH 210, Snellmaninkatu 12. Time: 14:00-16:00. For more information, including how to register, please contact Assistant Professor Pirjo Virtanen (

Wed 14.2.  Programme

Venue: Tieteiden talo, Kirkkokatu 6, Helsinki

9-12  Masters Workshop held by Prof Barry Gills (HY) and Dr Paola Minoia (HY), with Prof Jun Borras (Erasmus Univ. Rotterdam), Room 208

9-12  UniPiD DocNet DocShop: “Q&A with Jesse Ribot” – organized by Prof Anja Nygren (HY), Johanna Kivimäki (UniPID), and Dr. Aili Pyhälä (HY), with Prof  Jesse Ribot (SESE, Illinois), Room 309

12-14 Lunch break

14-16 Indigenous Studies/Development Studies workshop held by Ass. Prof Pirjo Virtanen (HY) and Dr. Aili Pyhälä (HY), with Prof Sian Sullivan (Bath Spa University) NB. Different Location: SSKH210, Snellmaninkatu 12

16:15-19:00  Annual Meeting of the Finnish Society for Development Research

19:15-  Pre-conference dinner (at own expense) at Bryggeri, Sofiankatu 2.