DocShop 2024: How to make an impact? Research based policymaking and advocacy

The Finnish Society for Development Research (FSDR) together with the Finnish University Partnership for International Development, (UniPID), and the Doctoral Programme of Political Societal and Regional Changes (PSRC) University of Helsinki, warmly welcomes all interested participants to join the DocShop to get together and discuss research-based policymaking and advocacy.

Development Days DocShop 2024: How to make an impact? Research based policymaking and advocacy

Time: 14 February 2024, at 13.30–16.00
Venue: University of Helsinki, room F3020 & online. Registration open: 14.12.2023 – 10.2.2024.


In this workshop organized in connection with the Development Days conference 2024, we encourage participants to reflect on the connections between research and policymaking and advocacy processes, thus highlighting the importance of research impact. Questions such as “What/How/Why is policy relevant in your research?” and “How to call for advocacy as part of your research impact?” will be addressed during the workshop through a panel discussion and co-sharing of knowledge(s). The workshop is chaired by Marikki Karhu. The invited speakers are Niko Humalisto, Neema Komba, Alfredo Saad-Filho, and Pekka Seppälä.

Preliminary programme of the workshop:

13.30 Opening words
13.35 Panel discussion
14.30 Coffee break
14.45 Discussion groups
15.30 Reporting back, Q&A session
16.00 End of the session


As a participant, you are required to listen to the podcast episode “Research-based development policy – Marikki Karhu” as part of the Detangling Development Podcast by UniPID. Be prepared to include it in your discussion and reflection during the session.


The DocShop is free to all UniPID DocNet members. The participants can join the workshop in person or online. Register here by 10 February 2024:

More information on the previous DocShops can be found from the UniPID website. Interested in joining the DocNet? Read more here.
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