Working Groups

Working Group 1: Is the truth out there for us to show? Reflecting on epistemologies and ontologies in development research.

Questioning and assessing the status quo in development, ontologies and practices

Working Group 2: Governing through crisis

Working Group 3: Financialization of development

Working Group 4: Global social policy: critical perspectives on the theory and practice of global social policy diffusion

Seeking and questioning alternatives to development

Working Group 5: Re-Thinking, Re-defining, Re-positioning: “Development” and the Question of “Alternatives”

Working Group 6: A Global Confluence of Alternatives to Development

Working Group 7: Design Research, Knowledge Systems and Policy-Making

Localization and decolonization of development

Working Group 8: Matters of colonial (dis) continuities in development studies/practices

Working Group 9: Towards locally derived and locally meaningful development goals

Transformations in social movements, social organisations, research and education

Working Group 10: Global citizenship in development and education

Working Group 11: New civil society spaces and their limits in the Global North and the Global South

Working Group 12: Transitions in education and employment

Working Group 13: Adaptive Handprints and trandisciplinarity