Working Groups

A) “Civil society actors and transformative development? Possibilities, challenges and ways forward” chaired by Dr Tiina Kontinen (University of Jyväskylä) and Auli Starck (Kepa ry)

B) “Environment and Vulnerability” chaired by Prof Anja Nygren (University of Helsinki), Mira Käkönen (University of Helsinki) and Dr Anu Lounela (University of Helsinki); commentator Prof Jesse Ribot (University of Illinois)

C) “Translating Global Environmental Goals and Objectives to Local Institutions and Actors” chaired by Dr Sabaheta Ramcilovik-Suominen (University of Eastern Finland); commentator Prof Maria Brockhaus (University of Helsinki)

D) “An Indigenous Understanding of Sustainability” chaired by Dr Laura Siragusa (University of Helsinki) and Assistant Prof Pirjo Virtanen (University of Helsinki)

E) “Paradigms of Development and Sustainability – Locating Politics and Colonial Continuities” chaired by Dr Marjaana Jauhola (University of Helsinki), Dr Paola Minoia (University of Helsinki) and Dr Aili Pyhälä (University of Helsinki)

F) “Psychoanalysing Sustainability and Other Development Fantasies” chaired by Dr Tara van Dijk (Oxford University)


To propose a paper/presentation, please send an email to the chair of your chosen working group by the 30th of November 2017. In your email, please state the following:

your name, affiliation, and email address, the proposed title of your talk, an abstract of max. 300 words, and a note about the proposed format of your contribution (ppt/video/demonstration/other).

We also accept papers/presentations outside of the listed sessions, so if you have a paper/presentation to propose that does not necessarily fit into any of the listed sessions but that you feel is relevant to the conference nonetheless, then please send the above information to the conference organisers at the email address: