Working group 14: New, critical research on global development (Open theme) (Antti Autio et al.)

Chairs: Antti Autio (, Silvia Gaiani (, Anna Salmivaara (


This working group welcomes papers and presentations from researchers who are interested in presenting their work at the Development Days 2022 Conference. The topic is purposefully broad to include versatile topics and contributions under the framework of new, critical research on global development. The Working Group provides an opportunity to get feed-back to on-going research as well as to new openings. It will organized in three broad, thematic sessions, on development policy, infrastructure and livelihoods.


1st Session – Parallel sessions II: Thu 17 Feb 16:30–18:00

A Quest for Commitment in Domestic Politics: Why Finland has failed to follow its Nordic Peers’ footsteps in Development Aid?
Marikki Karhu
Jari Lanki

Alternative Discourses of Development from Frugal Social Innovations: Experiences from the Global South
Juliana Rodrigues

Africa Rising? Rhetoric, Imaginaries and Practices of development and the governance of inequalities in the age of émergence
Antoine Kernen
Didier Péclard

The Colonial Politics of Hope: Interrogating the Development of Indigenous-State Relations
Marjo Lindroth
Heidi Sinevaara-Niskanen

2nd session – Parallel sessions III: Fri 18 Feb 11:00–12:30

“Pandemic and Mobility: Integration of asylum seekers and beneficiaries of International Protection in host communities during Covid-19 emergency”
Eman Jibreen

The livelihood impacts of COVID-19 in urban South Africa
Simone Schotte
Rocco Zizzamia

Water Myth: Tale of an Eco-Village in Bangladesh
Shahid Mallick

A Conversation with Bill Gates’ “How to avoid a Climate Disaster”: Implications for Africa’s Climate Future
Abiodun P. Afolabi

3rd session – Parallel sessions IV: Fri 18 Feb 14:00–15:30

Smart off-grid infrastructure for the Global South?: A case study of Solar2Go in India
Sini Numminen
Venkata Bandi
Tiia Sahrakorpi

Nuclear Infrastructure and ‘Theory of Change’ Narrative: Ecocritical Perspective
Inna Sukhenko

Can the dominance of the global north in research and publishing be overcome?
Jaana Holvikivi

Costs that development hides: Globalizing the East Asian development model through the Belt and Road Initiative and responses from civil society
Taru Salmenkari