Working group 5: Examining hope in times of crises CANCELLED


Marjo Lindroth and Heidi Sinevaara-Niskanen, University of Lapland, Finland,


Amid the clouds of unpredictable change, there always seems to be a sliver of light – of hope – on the horizon. Even though, or perhaps precisely because, the environmental, social and economic insecurity we see in the world today could be better described in terms of hopelessness, there seems to be an intensified search for hope. In promising something new, something better and potential change, hope encourages and engenders faith in the future.

Indeed, hope has permeated a variety of contemporary debates including migration, security and development politics, resistance movements, energy production, mechanisms of justice and minority rights, among others. There is a growing social scientific interest in studying how hope features in social, political and legal struggles (e.g. Hage 2003; Kleist and Thorsen 2017; Tängh Wrangel 2019; Lindroth and Sinevaara-Niskanen 2022). 

The working group invites papers from a broad range of studies to examine the role of hope amidst contemporary crises and uncertainties. It will address questions such as: What kind and whose hopes emerge and prevail in the times of crisis? Can hope be a tool for resistance, or even a force with which to build new social, political and/or environmental orders? Who are the subjects seen as being in need of hope and hoping? Is there a state of hopelessness and what are the hopes that are currently being muted? Theoretical, empirical or methodological papers reflecting these questions and other relevant themes are welcome. Abstracts of approximately 300 words should be sent to the convenors by 20.11.2022. 


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