Kehitystutkimuksen seura on järjestänyt vuosittaisen kehitystutkimuksen gradupalkinnon yhdessä UniPID:n kanssa vuodesta 2012. Lisätietoa englanniksi UniPID:in sivuilta ja alta.

Edellisten vuosien voittajat ja kunniamaininnan saaneet:

2019 Martta Kaskinen: Just Fundraising? Finnish NGO campaign imaginaries of women and girls in the Global South
• Kunniamaininta: Daniel Nyarko-Afriyie: To Go or Not to Go: Assessing the “Borga” image as a factor in the decision-making process of the prospective Ghanaian migrant
• Kunniamaininta: Quivine Ndomo: Rationalized Realities: An interpretation of the narrated lived experiences of African international student migrants staying in Finland
• Kunniamaininta: Katriina Huttunen: Affective attachments to structures of inequality: Translations of global power asymmetries in touristic dance and music workshops in Senegal

2018 Michel Rouleau-Dick (2018) Statelessness, statehood and environmentally-displaced persons: the quest for a legal status.
• Kunniamaininta: Linda Sivander: Life with breaking water supply – boreholes and the governance of water in northern Uganda.
• Kunniamaininta: Erich Molz: Does intercultural competence matter? New perspectives on relationship-building in unarmed civilian protection.

2017 Antti Tarvainen: “I, Post-Palestinian Entrepreneur” Transformations of subalternity in the ”start-up nation” of Israel.
• Kunniamaininta: Veera Virmasalo: Inspiring elite action for a more just society? Media framing of elite social responsibility in an unequal, unconsolidated democracy. A case study from Namibia.
• Kunniamaininta: Jymy Parhiala: The applicability of the MinimumViable Product approach in hardware product development in a developing country context – concept validation process for a startup.

2016 Marinka Räsänen: Political economy and ecology of water control dynamics of water policy reform and water justice in Taita Hills, South-Eastern Kenya. >> Lue lisää
• Kunniamaininta: Yên Mai: Constructing the Vietnamese queer identities: A hierarchy of class, gender and sexuality.
• Kunniamaininta: Jenni Puroila: What really matters? Materiality disclosures in sustainability reporting practices.

2015 Tomi Lounio: Population Dynamics and Livelihood Change on Ukara Island, Lake Victoria.
• Kunniamaininta: Noora Stenholm: Gendered perspectives on rehabilitation after involuntary resettlement in urban Sri Lanka.
• Kunniamaininta: Paula Pankakoski: Place and Belonging – an Ethnography of Rural Migrant Children in Beijing.

2014 Henry Salas Lazo: Local Voices and Perspectives: A Study on the Contextualisation of Women’s Empowerment in Lima, Peru.
• Kunniamaininta: Kukka Ranta: Ryöstetty meri – Euroopan unionin kalastussopimusten vaikutuksent Senegalin pienkalastajien ruokaturvaan ja elinkeinoon.
• Kunniamaininta: Lauri Heino: The Idea of Conditional Cash Transfers

2013 Reetta Korhonen: Oman arvo: Etelä-Meksikon Oaxacan osavaltion yhteisöradiot intiaaniuden uudelleenmuokkaamisen tiloina.
• Kunniamaininta: Hilkka Jokinen: Regaining agency? An Ethnographic Case Study of Women’s Associative Practices in Luapula, Zambia.
• Kunniamaininta: Laura Kangas: The WTO and ambiguous language of development. A rhetorical analysis of the development discourse of the World Trade Organization.

2012 Laura Ansala: Motives, channels and migration for remittances: Evidence from Uganda, Senegal and Nigeria.
• Kunniamaininta: Johanna Turunen: In the Face of Violence: Identity, Justification and the Individual in Rwanda.
• Kunniamaininta: Eeva Ruuska: The Significance and Sustainability of Charcoal Production in the Changing Landscape of Dakatcha Woodland, SE Kenya.